WordPress VS Wix Which Is The Best

WordPress VS Wix Which Is The Best

WordPress Vs Wix: There is a little confusion when you want to start a website, you think on which platform we will start a website, which one will be better for us, choosing to the platform between WordPress Vs Wix to start your website. Stay calm, just go through this article to knows about WordPress Vs Wix and decide which platform to choose for your personal blog or website.

If you think about launching or re-launching your website, or quite confusing to go with which platform whether it is WordPress Vs Wix. So read this article, you will get ideas of which want to it.

Content Management System(CMS)

WordPress and Wix both of them are content management systems ‘CMS’ admins, and the owner to build, modify, write, and extend their web content. allows the website developers, There is no need to deal with coding to modify a page, add a product, publish a blog post, until unless you want to customize it from scratch.

WordPress and Wix allow performing a variety of things. Together are leading nowadays in the website builder industry. But each has it’s own pros and cons, identifying the best among them is a risky task. We will compare the features of both so as to make it easier for you to decide which want to choose for your personal website.

Between WordPress Vs Wix Feature Comparison

  • Flexibility
  • Easy of use
  • Design
  • Pricing
  • E-commerce
  • Blog
  • SEO
  • Security
  • Support

1. Flexibility WordPress Vs Wix

Whereas WordPress is free, anyone can access it without any limitation. If you programmers and you want to develop themes or plugins of your own, you can easily create it from scratch using the WordPress website.

Everything is under control. There are nearly 55000+ plugins available in the WordPress repository for add-on features. Even numerous third-party plugins are available which comes with both free as well as premium. So based on flexibility WordPress is better compared to Wix.

Wix software is easy to set up, just to create an account and start to work. You don’t have many customization options because everything is built-in. You can just edit the features which are in-built.

Flexibility WordPress Vs Wix

There has an app’s market in Wix with nearly 250+ to add-on additional functionalities required for your website. This comes with free as well as premium. But cannot handle the complete control and customization.

2. Easy to use

Moving forward to WordPress, even though WordPress is a user-friendly interface but it is a little down compared to Wix. You have to buy-purchase a web hosting, domain name, and then install the WordPress on your webserver to set up WordPress.

If you don’t have any in-built drag and drop page builder in WordPress if you needed, you can download the builder plugin and free to use it. you can everything has to set manually, and creating certain features requires you some knowledge to work with it. you will be able to add the customized functionalities. Free software files 

Wix has a very clean, user interface and friendly design. It is one of the friendly environment to work with even for beginners. You can just create an account in Wix and start working. Wix is built especially for non-developers to make use of it and work easily.

Using Wix you don’t have to handle even a single piece of code. You can customize your website as you wish. Just by drag-and-drop, you will be able to add images, text, video, audio, effects, etc. If you want to read more about Wix in-depth review.

Initially to get into CRM and all stuff you need to read the complete documentation about Wix. The only thing is you have certain limitations in customization based on the theme you choose.

3. Design Synonym

WordPress with a wide range comes with thousands of free as well as paid themes to use. Free themes come with basic features, whereas if you go for a paid version you will be able to add additional features.

Their huge available WordPress themes, looking at the live preview you can choose it as per your needs. Better advantage of WordPress theme is that you can even customize it by creating a child theme of your own.

You will be able to download the free themes in the WordPress repository WordPress.org. Whereas you can purchase the paid themes from popular stores like ThemeForest, Studio Press, Codester, Themify, etc. comparable to design.

In the Wix, you get there are nearly 600+ created templates that you can choose for your website. Wix all created templates are very responsive and it is written in HTML5. Easily use their tools to design your website, rearrange the items, change the layout, etc.

What type your website you can choose the themes based on your category such as e-commerce, business, personal blog, hobby, etc. once a theme is selected, you won’t be able to change the template and just modify it.

4. Pricing WordPress Vs Wix

Pricing important factors while creating a website. Because you have to create a website and maintain it. If the pricing exceeds your budget, it is very difficult to arm and maintains. that mine you go always for the reasonable pricing with advanced features.

WordPress platform is free software and anyone can download and use it. The important factor is you need to buy web hosting and domain name to install it WordPress. There are dozens of WordPress hosting providers with different plans like Siteground and Dianahost etc.

Go to there site you can choose them as per your website requirements and budget. But compared to Wix and WordPress hosting providers give you a cheaper plan with a lot more features. Even then for the additional functionalities, you have thousands of free themes and plugins to make use of it your site.

Pricing WordPress Vs Wix

Remember Wix is a freemium site builder. You can create and publish an article on an ad-supported website with a Wix free account and Wix will remain until you decide to upgrade your website. However, the basic plans, they don’t provide you necessary add-ons such as own Favicons, eCommerce, Google Analytics, etc.

The Wix premium plans come with different storage and limitations. In Wix, you can choose a monthly or annual plan. look at the below is the Wix pricing:

General Site:

  • Site Domain Connect $5
  • Combination $11
  • Unlimited $14
  • VIP $29

Business And eCommerce Site:

  • Basic Business Website $20
  • Unlimited Business Website $25
  • VIP Business Website $35

Pricing WordPress Vs Wix

Choose the plan foundation on your business requirement. If you want to purchase so this cost doesn’t include any apps. Before purchasing your plan. checks it cost estimate for your convenience.

General Website
Wix plans Monthly Yearly Key Feature
Free $0 $0 It’s free
Connect Domain name $7.50 $5.00 Ability to connect your domain name
Combination $14.50 $11.00 Wix remove branding & Ad-free
Unlimited $17.50 $14.00 UNLIMITED Bandwidth, reliable for most
small businesses
VIP $35.00 $29.00 Priority Support and Email Campaigns
Business and eCommerce
Wix plans Monthly Yearly Key Feature
Basic Business $25.00 $20.00 Online sell & get business apps like Hotels or Bookings
Unlimited Business $30.00 $25.00 The basic plan, email campaigns, and extra storage
VIP Business $40.00 $35.00 More features, storage, and VIP Support

» This Plan is not all countries available!

5. E-commerce Definition

WordPress is a full-fledged eCommerce store by installing the WordPress eCommerce plugin. There are plenty of eCommerce plugins available in WordPress to make use of your website. With these plugins, you can sell digital and physical goods, events, subscriptions, services, and many others.

You can use the WooCommerce plugin in WordPress, which is very powerful for your eCommerce store. Setting up a WooCommerce plugin is very easy, you can activate it with just a few clicks. WooCommerce plugin is available for free in the WordPress repository. Comparatively based on eCommerce WordPress is best than Wix.

Wix lets you in-built eCommerce store with its premium app Wix store. eCommerce options are available with their premium plans such as eCommerce and VIP. This states that users cannot run the free eCommerce store on Wix.

With the Wix store app, you will be able to accept payments only through PayPal or Authorize.net. You can purchase third-party apps, but they would cost more. However, in Wix eCommerce, you have only a limited payment gateway and functionality.

6. Best Blogging Platform WordPress Vs Wix

WordPress Blogging
The WordPress site is mainly focused on the blogging platform and you get more features such as tags, feet, categories, etc. You have a wide range of features in WordPress. You can do all blog-related tasks without any much effort because of its custom user interface. If blogging is your main goal, then WordPress is the best choice. By comparing each other, WordPress is best in blogging than Wix.

Wix Blogging
Wix platform has a good blogging environment and it is user-friendly. It lets you create tags, post scheduling, categories, and related posts. One notable feature is that you can give an alternate title for mobile readers. The posting features in Wix are limited.

You can add galleries, images, GIFs, videos, and for some other features, you need to use HTML which is quite difficult for beginners. Wix is not recommended for hardcore bloggers.

Also, read this article it is helping organic traffic your blogger or website!

7. Best SEO For Blogging WordPress Vs Wix

You can as everyone is aware WordPress is one of the most SEO friendly platforms. It helps you to configure your website as the way search engine expects. In WordPress by default, you can configure your website name, headings tag, tagline, image alt tags, URL structure, etc.

But you get more features by installing the Rank Math SEO plugin, you can change SEO titles, social sharing content, meta descriptions, etc. for all your posts and pages. Next Google analytics is important for enhancing your website’s SEO. That helps to know how many people visit your website.

On the WordPress website, you can install the google analytics plugin like Site Kit by Google to improve your SEO. In WordPress there are tons of SEO tools and plugins available, you can make use of them as required. Based on the comparison both WordPress and Wix seem to be equal, but WordPress has a little higher grade than Wix.

8. Strong Security WordPress Vs Wix

When coming the WordPress, security is a bit complex because it’s used worldwide many attackers try to hack the website. With WordPress you have to take care of everything right from the core updates, choosing correct hosting, theme updates, plugin updates, etc. A complete WordPress security guide that Protects Your Website from Hackers.

But WordPress itself is more secure. To make it more secure there are plenty of WordPress Security plugins available to tighten your website. Both Wix and WordPress are equal in security, however, WordPress is slight ahead of Wix.

When Wix showing on security, Wix plays out of the box. users cannot edit the core functionality, so there are fewer security vulnerabilities. Wix will automatically update its latest version, so outdated version won’t be a concern. You have chosen a strong password with two-factor authentication.

9. Which Is The Best Support Platforms WordPress Vs Wix

When it comes to WordPress, there is no official support to answer your queries. You have a knowledge base through the website where you can get as much stuff as possible. There are tons of articles to read and gain experience. Even if you post a technical question, it might be a delay in getting a reply from others. Compared to support Wix is a little ahead of WordPress.

It has a support system both through phone and online. There are plenty of articles regarding Wix, where you can learn a lot and get tremendous support from the team. You will be satisfied with the support team.

Which Is The Best Support Platforms

Conveniences And Non-Conveniences Of WordPress Vs Wix

Several Conveniences and Non-Conveniences are mentioned here:

WordPress Platforms


  • It is open-source software so anyone can access it
  • Thousands of plugins and themes available
  • Most popular CMS compared with all other CMS
  • It has frequent updates and has a lively community
  • It is the best blogging platform
  • You can customize your website to any extend right from the scratch


  • You have to purchase a domain name and hosting to work with WordPress
  • Configuring certain plugins and themes are quite tricky
  • For customization, you need to have technical knowledge
  • There is no official support

Wix Platforms


  • All the process happens inside Wix.com, nothing goes outside to create a website
  • Doesn’t require any technical knowledge and coding skills
  • You have a bundle of features inbuilt
  • Just drag-and-drop completely makes you work out of the box
  • You can get started with Wix in just a couple of minutes
  • There is a tremendous support team


  • You don’t have full control, at any time your website may slow down for no reason
  • There are less unique features
  • Only a few designs are SEO friendly
  • Customizations are limited
  • Only with the default features, you can customize.

Finality WordPress Vs Wix

We can complete stating based on the performance WordPress is better than Wix. But at the same time, Wix has wonderful features, and it’s extremely a good start for beginners who don’t know the develop a website, whereas WordPress is a powerful website builder that can be used for the long process.

We hope you understand and clearly mind reading about “WordPress Vs Wix Which Is The Best”. Both the CMS has certain pros and cons. It’s absolutely in your hand to pick up which is most suitable as per your website’s requirement.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to comment to us. You can subscribe to us for new updates.

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