Best Tips Google AdSense Approval In 2020

Best Tips Google AdSense Approval In 2020

Best Tips Google AdSense Approval: If you continue to learn new things on our blog something here, So in this article today I am going to tell you about the Best Tips Google AdSense Approval blog that can get an approval of Adsense detail. So please you guys join us WPbloc. let’s go ahead in this post and tell you what you have to do to take approval, now what is the policy of Google, follow the same Received will.

It is very difficult to take account of Google Adsense Approval, for that, you have to work very hard, If you want to approve an AdSense account from a YouTube channel, then it is very easy and you get approval within 2-5 day, if you want to take approval for website or blog, then need some information of Google Adsense.

If you are approved you must read first, you can get the approval of your account by giving some.

Google AdSense Approval Tips For Your Website Or Blogs

Basic Information That Will Help You Easily Get Google Adsense Approval – When you create your blog or website, then you have to keep in mind that it is very important when you buy a top-level domain. If you take a top-level domain, then you get approval from Google AdSense very soon.

You can get approval from .com .in .net .org, etc, but Google does not pay attention to it and you may have to wait a lot. The first process is that go to a domain provider website like Dianahost and Buy a top-level domain. For 1 year, you can get a top-level domain for cheap prices.

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If you have another domain providing a website, you can also take it from there. I do not tell you that you buy from Dianahost, but you always have to keep in mind that if you want to pursue a career in “blogging”, then you have to buy a domain name which should be a top-level domain.

When you take the domain for yourself, now time to choose your favorite platform on which platform you can like to work, Blogspot Blogger, WordPress, or Wix. You do not need any friends to set up your blog or website.

You will need hosting to run the website. Before buying hosting, you must look for a good company so that you have more speed in your hosting and your website works faster, such as SiteGround hosting providing a website you can buy hosting from SiteGround for sure. If you do not have the money to buy hosting, then you can use Google’s free product called Blogger. You can be used by directing and use your blogging career, this is a basic knowledge of friends to “start blogging”. You have to do this work beforehand.

It is not a matter of applying for the Google Adsense account of taking it for approval and how to take it with ease, we discuss this topic and tell you the best tips Google AdSense approval how to get with ease, state account can be taken.

Creating And Customizing Of Blogs

Before creating a blog, you have to customize your blog. To say customer means that you will have to make your blog beautiful in a beautiful way like become a new bar. I have to put the gender of social media in it as much as social media, that will see the entire social media link in it, you will have to fix the link, after that you will have to write your post if you want to take approval.

You have to write at least 10 posts, in which 1000 words are used, if you use 1000 words in one post, then 10,000 words are used in 10 posts. I will tell you how it is okay to write a post, then you have to write the post by yourself, do not copy anyone, to say a copy means that by opening another website, after copy it, you will publish it by pasting it on your blog and you think that you will not get hold of Google Adsense and will give approval.

» If you like to use an article generator tool then go to download it.

It is impossible that nothing like this happens with Google’s very big communication and very advanced. There is a communication in the level which will check your application very well on your website, if any kind of copyrighted material is found in it then your application gets rejected.

Then you have to keep in mind that whatever the post is written, it should be of quality content and it is your own, you have written it by yourself, it is a matter of not writing on your own.

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Opening up, whatever is written in it, he writes it to bean in a separate notepad and he thinks that it is his own written content, it should not be right. Tea content means that friends, whatever knowledge is there inside you, do not copy anyone, open the website, and after seeing it. After writing it, you can write it to two, it will also be called copyright.

You have to understand that you have to write whatever you know is right and you have to publish it in this way, if you post 10 then you will find it easily. I told you what to do in the post, how to write, not copying it, everything has been corrected.

Now let’s go to the other topics related to the post, if we create a website then we will Some images are also needed, so now we talk about the image below.

Creating And Customizing Of Blogs
customizing of blogs

Definition Of Images – That Tips Google AdSense Approval

A lot of people do that after downloading the image from Google and putting it on their blog and after making their post public, they apply for Google Adsense, and from there they get a mail that your website But the copyrighted material has been found and you cannot be approved.

Forgive us and next time you can reapply it, then I want to say what do you think that you will take a photo from Google and put it on your website and Google will not catch you. This is also a kind of copyrighted material.

If you want to put an image on your website, then it is created by yourself, whether it is from a photoshop or if you use Android mobile, there is such a photo editing app like a Pixellab, there is an application that lets you create a very good image too. You can upload it after created.

What you have to do is to name that image, give it the name of the posts, the Google will recognize the image and Google Adsense It clearly states in its policy that it does not approve their website contains or video, Is that you should put a photo in your image.

If your posts name in the image, what will happen with this, your image will be converted to HTML coding and Google will consider it as tax and not as an image, it will make you very easy and put an image people come to your blog more and more, after reading the image.

Your post does not pay attention to the people as much as their attention gets on the image you have posted, then you must put an image on the post of your blog website. It is a matter of image, this has nothing to do with the approval, I meant to say that whenever I put it, you must post the name the image in it.

What Types of websites are approved by Google AdSense

Other topics of websites, Best Tips Google AdSense Approval; The many people make their website related to some software in which they put the download link of their software, then this topic is for those who put the download link to download any software on their website.

The thing to keep in mind is that the website for which they are putting the download link or by copying a website saver download link, If you put them on the site, then read their policy, there are many websites that do not claim copyright, now there are many websites that even if you apply to tax, then they make the copyright compliant.

Website records if you copy the download link of such a website and put it on your website and ask people to download it by clicking on that link. Google also does not approve that website because it uses copyrighted material and you are fair.

It clearly states that you have used copyrighted material on your blog or website, therefore you cannot be approved.

If you have a website related to downloading, then you have to take care of it, you can adapt it by improving it Receive the download link trail you meet not approved the website to upload to Google Drive software that collects links to download it then you Apply the website you’ve probably figured out all Region.

Below this post, I give some list with the help of which you can do all these things, so let’s go to the article below and tell you Deeply what you can do now if You have taken your domain name and have not copied anyone’s post, not have copied anyone’s gender, not used anyone’s copy image.

When you have done anything like this on the block, then you save your blog now. If you want to customize, then I tell you to do customers.

What Types of websites are approved by Google AdSense
types of websites

On-Page Customization Of Google AdSense Approval Tips

First of all, you have to keep in mind that whatever template you have used is mobile friendly. Saying mobile-friendly means that friends who open your website on mobile should see everything right or not.

In big tax, it should be seen that he does not zoom and can see it easily, you can read this type of template, you have to use it first.

And put the about page in your blogger or website and write about yourself in the blog and tell us what you are going to tell about this blog and also put your social media link inside the about page.

Also, make a privacy policy page and in the privacy policy you have to write clearly what is the policy of your website and you have to tell it clear what is done in it and what message do you want to give to people or information If you want to give all this thing.

You should write something or not to copy someone, to say copy means that friends do not copy anyone, if you want to make a career in blogging then most May first used it, do not copy anyone that you must close you maintain.

Make sure to make a customer contact page, before applying Google Adsense, this thing definitely sees that this website has a contact page today or not, how will their visitors contact them, so make sure to find this page in your blog, you will find many online websites. Where you can create this page and can create its HTML code on your blogger’s page very easily.

Memorize the link of social media in your blogger’s template and you always remember that the email ID you use to create a blog in Blogger is to use the same email ID. You have to ask to create a social media link. With the same email id, you have to create social media gender and put it in your bloc template.

This thing is also very important when your website is under review for 3 days. So the Google Adsense team looks at it very well, if everything is found right then your account approval becomes very quick, then you have to remember this thing Before applying for Google Adsense, you have to complete your blog.

Saying that if you have created 5 types of menus, then every menu should have at least one post. If any menu is empty, the Google Adsense team understands that this website has not been fully compiled and that means your website is under construction. It is not ready, so we reject your application.

You first complete your website and then apply again, you have to keep in mind that if you have created four types of menus in the menu bar, then at least You have to a post, only then you like Google Adsense.

Definition of Google Adsense

Google Adsense has a different policy for every country, I am from Bangladesh, so I am telling about Bangladesh, according to Google Adsense Policy Bangladesh, your domain name should be at least 6 months old.

You do not need to worry about taking a 6-month-old domain. It is not necessary if you have applied 15-20 days old or more than, but you have applied all this condition, which I have told you, if you have done in the same way then your Blog will be able to take very quickly Google AdSense will give you approval.

Input To Blog In Google Search

When you are ready to complete your blogs, after that you have to submit the URL of your website to the search engine. There are many websites. The search engine is where you can submit your website URL for free when you submit it.

If you want to do something else, Google has a free product, Google Webmaster Tools, you have to submit your blog there as well, after that, sitemap for your blog. Rate is to be generated and submitted to Google Webmaster Tools, I have put all this article on my blog, you can read all this article on our blogs as well, and I definitely felt the post calling of this article.

So that you can understand more and more what is happening and how is it done, what is the process?

In the Google webmaster tool, you have to create your account first, here too you can create an account for free, just you will need a Gmail ID and the password is created by blogging the Gmail ID, you have signed up with the same Gmail ID.

When you will get set up there, you will be asked to add your property link. When you add your domain name to Google Webmaster Tools, then you should be told If you get your domain verified, then you can get it verified directly from where you have taken domain, to verify it, you have to save it completely when it is verified.

When you are able to verify your domain in the “Google webmaster tool”, then you have to submit the sitemap of your blog to you as well, to submit the sitemap, you will get a lot of websites online now go there and generate the sitemap of your blog. Will do it and submit it in Google Webmaster Tools.

Coloring in Google

When you submit all this stuff, after what you have to do is make a sweet blog description of the blog. If it is a meta tag, what is the description, how do we generate it, related to it, I have kept a post formally on my website, you can read it by going there too?

Yet I tell a little here about what happens with meta track description Is that your blog will start coloring soon in Google, if you start living in Google quickly, then more and more people will start visiting your website.

Every single person will know It is that if any website is found on the first page in Google, then more and more visitors start coming in it. so it is very important that the answer is taking a generator on the side, then you will go to your blogger template and under the head, you will be posted in the site HTML code.

Let people knowing about blogs

When you create a blog or website, you have to give the title of your blog something unique and write some description and also give the keyword related to your blogs, it is very important to give all this thing, but with the approval of Google Adsense, all these things are not Google Adsense has nothing to do with it.

All you want to see is whether there is any copyrighted material in your website, whether your website is complete or not and It is written that the contact is helpful or not, it just sees everything right, Google Adsense, but I told you so much because your whole problem has been solved in this article. “how to build a website”, “how to get it”, “how to color it all”.

I have told you their things, you can open all these things and can easily take Google Adsense account approval.

You must have understood that how to take the approval of Google Adsense Account Non-Hosted Account for your blog website, what is the process of it and why your account keeps getting rejected again and again, in this article you will get all the information I have told you that.

if you read this article well then you will understand what you have to do and what you can do to take approval, That’s all you get in this post.

I hope now you understand will about “Best Tips Google AdSense Approval In 2020” Take care of your next post till then, be happy, and to stay with similar information.

Whatever you understand on our website, you read something here But only you will get information and you will get it for free, just support you guys and help us make this blog or website whatever you call it popular.

Your opinion about this article, did you find this post helpful? Or if you have any questions you must let us know in the comment box below.

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