Free WP Automatic Plugin Content Pilot & #Autoblog

Free WP Automatic Plugin Content Pilot & Autoblog

Free WP Automatic Plugin: Did you know that using the WordPress Automatic Plugin you can easily do Autoblog and affiliate marketing, Without any effort, you can easily get Amazon, Clickbank, eBay, YouTube, and many more platform posts will be automatically published on your site. With this Free WP Automatic Plugin.

You just have to decide what kind of business you want to start, then by installing this WP automatic plugin, you are sure to an affiliate marketing. WP Automatic Plugin Latest Version Download for FreeWP Automatic Plugin is one of the best content scraper plugins for the WordPress platform. It is designed and developed by ValvePress and available on the Codecanyon market. This plugin has almost 20,504+ sales until today.

WordPress Automatic Plugin Is How It Works

WP Automatic plugin auto-posts publish articles in your site, Amazon products, Clickbank products, YouTube videos, any website feed posts, and much more. You just need to create a campaign what kind of want and then relax, the WP Automatic Plugin will publish content according to your setup campaign settings on autopilot.

The WP Automatic Plugin very easy to create a campaign, you just need to go your WordPress Dashboard click on “New Campaign” then select Campaign Type, Keywords, Post template, Post-filters, etc. Then hit the publish button. That’s it, now you can sit back and relax on away, this WP Automatic plugin will do all content publishing work for you with checking.

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Definition Of WP Content Pilot And Affiliate Marketing

The WP Automatic Plugin is the best Autoblog plugin for WordPress with lots of customization options and advanced features in this plugin.

Free WP Automatic Plugin supports 20+ Campaign Types. It can scrape and auto-publish content from popular social websites, Affiliate, News, even a regular site also.

This automatic plugin also gives an option to spin posted content using the best article spinner. You just need to set up “the best spinner” account in the settings page of this plugin and select spin content options while creating a campaign to make it work easily.

WP Content Pilot And Affiliate Marketing
best article spinner

You can just start and “Amazon” or “Clickbank affiliate” autopilot site by setting up Amazon API and Clickbank username, this plugin will automatically create product Publish with your affiliate links.

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Primary Features Of The Free WP Automatic Plugin

    • Auto posts Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Clickbank Products.
    • Amazon affiliate API support
    • Search and replace words in article option
    • Clickbank products with the affiliate link support
    • Ads options
    • EzineArticles API
    • The Best Spinner support for content rewriting
    • Flicker API Support
    • Youtube API Support
    • WooCommerce Support
    • iTunes affiliate options
    • Envato affiliate  support
    • Allow to setup update frequency
    • Limit maximum number of posts
    • Post template option
    • Auto featured image
    • Different post-filters support
    • Translate the post before posting
    • WPML language support
    • Auto posts from RSS feed

Sales Page of WordPress Automatic Plugin v3.50.6

What’s New in Free WP Automatic Plugin

    1. Some other minor enhancements and bug fixes.
    2. Instagram updated to work again after recent changes.
    3. NEW: Youtube option to post live videos only.
    4. NEW: Twitter option to expand short links.
    5. Improved: Feed original time if higher than the current time, now get ignored.
    6. To Fix: Amazon adds to cart link now uses https instead of HTTP.
    7. Fix: Amazon no API ebook image extraction now works.
    8. Fix UI now compatible with WordPress 5.5.
    9. Added the New YT option to post live videos from a specific channel.
    10. Added Multi-page Scraper option to append something to extracted URLs.
    11. Improvement: Reddit no more post-stickied comments.
    12. Bugfix: Facebook video title from verified pages now get returned.

Free WP Automatic Plugin v3.50.6 Latest Version | Content Pilot WordPress Plugin:


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